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The Future is Caring About the Human Experience

The Future is Caring About the Human Experience

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The Future: Human Or AI

The Future: Human Or AI

Everyday, us humans are focused on making a million little choices and over the past twenty years the amount of choices that are related to digital solutions has exponentially increased

Our work, personal, family and social lives have dramatically changed as a result of several waves of technological innovation.


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Web 3.0 And The Human Experience

Web 3.0 And The Human Experience

Web3 and the Metaverse are ushering in a new era of decentralization of data and community ownership.

There are many questions regarding Web2 and where social media has left us and if there are lessons to be learned from Web3.

The biggest one is whether Web3 will alter how we design solutions for human experience.

A decentralized internet is exciting, but there are still many questions that need to be answered.

If we can approach what we've done with technology at scale and take it to a whole new level with depth, then we can actually get closer to understanding what people feel. 


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