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In the Philippines, we will be having an election in May 2022. Many are still undecided. Worst, many believe in fake news. That's why I need to help my fellow Filipinos in choosing the right candidate who will lead us for 3 or 6 years. This idea is definitely applicable in other countries.

Selecting the Best Leader for your Country

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The election is a turning point event in every democratic country. It will certainly shape your future and history. You don't need to be a diehard supporter of a candidate or a political fan. You just need to apply your common sense in choosing who is best because they ma...

1. Don't believe in fake news

In this information age, fake news is rampant across social media platforms. It could be health or politics-related. Speaking of elections, culprits commonly targets a good candidate. Some people may find it difficult to distinguish which is fake or real. 

According to IFLA (2021), we can i...

2. Listen to their platforms

Election-related platforms are vital forces to develop a state/nation and solve current and underlying problems. A candidate must have a platform that is:

  • beneficial for everyone
  • clear, concrete, and logical
  • having a specific action-plan
  • feasible
  • capable...

3. Check their track record

Their track record affects the decision-making process. We must remember that their action in the past and current practice contributes to their type of leadership.

For specific background check, consider the following:

  • educational attainment
  • work experience
  • publi...

4. Think about your future if your candidate wins

You are a beneficiary or a victim of their policies, whether you're a businessman, doctor, farmer, or student. Also, think about your loved ones, your business or job, or your dreams. Will you enjoy their leadership or suffer?


One way of becoming a good citizen is by electing the right leader. However, we must not be a loyalist since leaders make mistakes. Instead, we should be a critic or solution providers. Always remember that you pay your taxes, and you don't want to waste them. So, VOTE W...




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Renting is a great option for those living with roommates or young families. However, it is important to be well-informed before signing the lease.



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