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Key Points

  • Innovative leaders should explore enlightened consciousness.
  • Fixing today’s problems requires cultivating higher awareness.
  • Leaders who practice elevated thinking, being and acting can become emotional and spiritual healers.
  • The “Leader as executor” role is outmoded.
  • To achieve heightened consciousness, practice self-care.
  • Lead a life of purpose – the right purpose.
  • Today’s world needs leaders to be healers.


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Innovative leaders should explore enlightened consciousness

You cannot deal with today’s troubles by applying yesterday’s management methods. Weak solutions only inspire additional problems. Leaders must invest their energy in an advanced form of innovative, mindful leadership.

Executives face huge challenges. Major disruption is rocking many industrial sectors.

“Some estimates suggest there has been more technological advance in the last five years than in the previous 500.”


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Fixing today’s problems requires cultivating higher awareness

Consider, as a starting point, a lesson from Buddhism. It teaches that every person lives in a separate spiritual reality made up of his or her unique experiences, an internal world of a deeper self with heightened awareness. 

“This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of breakdown and onto a different path.” (Otto Scharmer, senior MIT lecturer)


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Leaders who practice elevated thinking, being and acting can become emotional and spiritual healers

Thanks to these qualities, great leaders inspire those around them. Because of who they are, how they carry themselves, how they think, how they act, what they do and how they energize others, they have the ability to transform fragmented organizations into “coherent wholes.” That in itself is an act of healing.

“There is almost nothing as beautiful or powerful as a human being whose every cell is alive with streaming energy and intelligence, as seen in truly great performances in music, dance or theater.”


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The “Leader as executor” role is outmoded

“Leader-as-healer” is the advanced leadership construct that replaces the outdated leader-as-executor model which rose to prominence when getting bigger and quicker took center stage in the business world. Executors prioritized profits, compelled action and enforced discipline, but they didn’t lead. Such executives see commerce not as a platform for connection, healing and mutual success, but as a grim battlefield where attrition rules.


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To achieve heightened consciousness, practice self-care

Today’s leaders and their employees must be receptive to new ideas and nurture and maintain an open spirit. For most businesspeople, that calls for some level of personal transformation that includes getting back in touch with their inner selves. This begins with self-care. Leaders should pay close attention to their emotional, spiritual and physical needs, including their health.

“True leadership sometimes requires that one decisively excise moral and spiritual tumors from the bodies of organizations or nations.”


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Lead a life of purpose – the right purpose

People without a strong sense of purpose end up navigating life like a ship in stormy waters without a compass or rudder.

A leader who operates unemotionally, based only on rationality, might translate purpose as increased profits and productivity, and those are necessary business goals. But your life’s purpose should be internally worthwhile. Define your values and consider the contributions you can make that will help improve the world.

“Emotions are the gateway to our deeper humanity, to a richer, more heartfelt and empathic relationship to life and to leadership.”


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Today’s world needs leaders to be healers

Leaders should abandon archaic thinking that has failed in the past, dropping tactics that focus on doing, not being, and evolving beyond hyperrationality. This degraded leadership approach does not lead to greater effectiveness, healthier organizations or healthier people.

“All too frequently…leaders…operate out of overt or covert self-interest, prioritizing and protecting their own positions.”


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Industrial Mastery, Mentor, Light Worker, Nutritionist, Gymrat


Spirituality, mental healing, mindfulness and wise leadership, including how to meditate, listen deeply, and make sense of “BANI” (“brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible”) situations in business and life.

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