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Genius is such an overrated buzzword. You can become one in your own way.


Become a strategic genius

Become a strategic genius


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What type of genius are you?

I believe you can produce insight even if you are not an autistic genius.

You can simply integrate massive amounts of stimuli per unit of time and change.

Train yourself to get back to first principles thinking.

Build a Growth Incubator Full of People (Part 1)

If you are feeling sad, you can make other people love you.

Make is a strong word, but hear me out! If you are sufficiently effective to prove yourself useful multiple times and produce things, people will be naturally more drawn to you.

It is far more effective to build yourself an i...

Build a Growth Incubator Full of People (Part 2)

In the old days, if you owned something like an Inn, you pretty much had it covered. You would connect to people by default, providing food, drinks, and shelter on a rainy day. You could then make favors and have leverage. Remember the Vand...

Non-technical, but useful

You can become lethal by developing skills as a non-technical individual, assuming that you have some blend of self-awareness and some method to absorb the world around you.

If you storm through the city during rush hour, managing to solve micro-errands, texting, catching the bus, employin...

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