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How to spot human bias in the tech your company uses

How to spot human bias in the tech your company uses


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Technology and Human Bias

Throughout the pandemic, technology decision-makers have quickly adopted new solutions to streamline remote and hybrid business processes. But this onboarding process shined a light on a long-standing problem: the inherent biases introduced to tech products by hum...

Diversity Beyond Hiring

Tech giants like Google and Apple have committed to sweepin...

Three Ways to Evaluate Bias in New Tech

We’re only in the beginning stages of rooting out bias in tech, so awareness is key.

But while it’s easy to blame tech for bias, bias ultimately comes from poor data provided by a human. Some factors may be out of your control when it comes to human-placed bias, but there are steps you can...

Prioritize Equitable and Anti-Biased Decision-Making

To prevent bias from seeping into tech decisions, every employee should be educated on equitable and anti-bias practices—especially if your company writes algorithms for any of its products. Make this training standard to ensure it’s part of your organization’s operational fabric. Also, apply ant...

Push Vendors for Transparency

Make the transparent evaluation of data a priority for the partner companies and vendors you work with. Look for organizations with formal and proven processes that evaluate data for bias and regularly publish these findings. 

Public companies, like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, are require...

Prioritize Inclusive Features

Consider differences in culture, language and disability when deciding on a tech solution because human bias exists in these areas as well.

For example, Zoom is addressing language and disability by adding closed captioning with live translation to their calls, allowing non-English spe...

The Bottom Line

As you engage in your own DEI(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) efforts, it’s essential to root out human biases in your organization’s internal datasets and those you acquire from third-party vendors.

By pushing for more transparency and accountability, adopting a more detailed purc...



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