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What we can learn from people who take the Flat Earth theory seriously

What we can learn from people who take the Flat Earth theory seriously



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Many People Believe The Earth Is Flat

Across the globe, millions of people believe the Earth — that whirling blue sphere, spinning through space — is, in fact, a flat plane. They think we all live beneath a dome that floats through space, or perhaps, hovers above primordial waters.

It’s unclear how many people believe some ver...

Blame It On The Youtube Algorithm

A lot of Flat Earth’s modern resurgence has to do with the internet. Flat Earth was always around in some capacity through the 20th century, but it really began anew around 2014, 2015, when people realized that videos about Flat Earth perform really well on YouTube. Flat Earth is...

People Find The Flat Earth Theory A Security Blanket

Flat Earth is so outlandish and so wrong on its face, that, unlike some other conspiracy theories, it doesn’t have as much of a kernel of truth in the objective sense.

There’s an emotional truth to Flat Earth. People come to it when they feel like the world is very broadly wrong. They feel...

Flat Earth And Religion

Flat Earth doesn’t necessarily [purport] to be a religious belief. You can adopt it purely as an alt-geographical model. But most people  are quite religious, and it’s always been that way.

Samuel Rowbotham, the theory’s inventor, used a lot of biblical tools in his writing, saying that th...

The Bottom Line

There’s a tendency to think of conspiracy theorists as tinfoil hatters, as crazy people. But the processes are really ones that we’re all susceptible to. Everybody does have a conspiratorial streak. It’s something that we turn to when we feel like we don’t have enough information, or we don’t wan...



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