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How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

by Harry Browne


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Freedom And Beliefs

We live in an unfree world, created by our beliefs and the environments we put ourselves in. Most of us strive for more freedom in our lives and you can get it by focusing on the psychological and lifestyle shifts you need to make to get there.

There are two main reasons you aren’t free:


“I’ve concentrated upon the things I control, and used that control to remove the restrictions and complications from my life.”


“The answer is simple: You are you, the person who will live with the consequences of what you do. No one else can be responsible, because no one else will experience the consequences of your actions as you will.”


“To be self-reliant is to recognize that no one else is as concerned about your future as you are and that no one knows as much about you as you do.”


“Things will get better only when you make the changes that are necessary to make them better.”

Identity Traps

  • The belief that you should be someone other than yourself
  • The assumption that others will do things the way you would. You can’t control others’ natures, but you can control how you deal with them.

Intellectual And Emotional Traps

  • Intellectual trap: That your emotions should conform to some preconceived standard. You’re in the Intellectual Trap if you let your intellect tell you what you should feel.
  • Emotional trap: The belief that you can make important decisions at a time wh...

Certainty And Utopia Traps

  • Utopia trap: The belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free. You can’t change the fate of a nation, but you can do a great deal to make sure you’re not affected adversely by it.
  • Certainty trap: The urge to act as ...


These are unpleasant situations that restrict your freedom, that you might be afraid to get out of. They could be anyting: bad relationship, job, location, friendship. A big restriction of your freedom is the boxes you allow yourself to stay in, for fear of the work you must do t...

How You Can Be Free

  • Don’t be false, or change yourself based on your environment.
  • What you are is the most valuable asset you possess for finding others.
  • To make relationships work, each person should have their time alone, their own friends and interests.
  • If you feel imprisoned by yo...

Rules for Life (1)

  • Never expect anyone to act from your knowledge, perspective, or objectives. Assume that his viewpoints will differ in some ways from yours.
  • Never make an important decision when your emotions are dominating your mind.
  • Never lie or appear to be something other than what you ar...

Rules for Life (2)

  • Never use someone’s property in any way that he doesn’t approve of.
  • Never focus your attention on anyone’s weaknesses — his temper, sloppiness, poor logic, dishonesty, whatever.
  • Never quibble over a price you didn’t expect to pay. Pay it and move on to better things.

Knowing The Truth

The purpose of knowing “truth” is to be able to make it work for you. You need the truth in order to deal with things as they are and get predictable results from them.

The specific application for which you need the truth might be different from another person’s. You ...

You Don’t Need An Explanation For Everything

Recognize that there are such things as miracles — events for which there are no ready explanations.

Later knowledge may explain those events quite easily. But at this date in history, you can’t expect to know everything that might be known eventually.

Accepting Others

As you view the identities of others, you make it far easier on yourself if you accept them as they are. Attempts to change others are rarely successful, and even then probably not completely satisfying. – once you understand someones identity then you understand their actions

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