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A neuroscientist debunks the biggest productivity myths | BBC Science Focus Magazine

A neuroscientist debunks the biggest productivity myths | BBC Science Focus Magazine



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The Advice On The Internet About Increasing Productivity

Increasing your productivity is easy. It’s just a matter of making a few simple changes to your routine, or behaviour, or thinking, and your productivity will soar.

At least, that’s what countless online articles claim. The actual science tells a different story. Even a modest amount of re...

Myth 1: Waking up at 4 am will make you more productive

It's regularly claimed that you'll be more productive if you get up early - very early. However, there are many reasons why waking up early could be actively unproductive.

Sleep is crucial for our ability to function, and depriving yourself of it does more harm than good.

Myth 2: We All Have The Same 24 Hours A Day

  • The most successful people experience 24-hour days just like anyone else.
  • However, the ability to use those hours productively differs tremendously from person to person.
  • Context is everything.
  • It's far easier to use time productively when you have the money and resou...

Myth 3: Keeping Busy Means Being More Productive

  • The idea that constantly being busy is the only way to be truly productive is the default assumption for many people
  • In truth, it has long been known that multitasking or 'task switching' actually erodes your productivity
  • The human brain has limited resources when it comes to...

Myth 4: You Should Be Happy in Your Work

  • According to many people, productivity is linked to happiness - the happier you are, the more productive you will be.
  • However, scientific studies reveal that happy workers are only 12% more productive.
  • Persuading people to be happy often backfires: If people believe they must...

Myth 5: Hard Work Always Pays Off

  • As much as we might want to believe otherwise, when countless people are working equally hard for the same goals, the most important factor is actually going to be... plain old luck!
  • You can't tell people to 'be lucky' in the same way you can cajole them to work hard.
  • Our bra...

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