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7 Popular Productivity Myths Busted

7 Popular Productivity Myths Busted


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7 Popular Productivity Myths Busted

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The sleep time required for optimal functioning depends on individual needs – and these vary with season, mood, activity level and other factors.


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Multitasking can be detrimental. Research shows it stresses and slows us down, increasing our potential for error. It also decreases information retention and focus.


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We can be productive out of offices. Research shows that those who dislike office have increased productivity when working from home or on public spaces.


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Some people say that the web is bad for our productivity because it floods our minds with useless information. In fact, ever since the internet has become a significant part of our lives, we began to consciously choose the knowledge we want to remember. 

Plus, we also rely on it for research.


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Clean workspaces don’t necessarily increase productivity. 

Studies show that lack of order may help some workers to be more efficient and creative, aiding in their decision-making process.


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Idleness and daydreaming don’t necessarily harm productivity. They’re essential to our mental health, helping us order acquired information, recharge our brains and power our productivity.


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Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily increase productivity. It’s been proven to lower productivity, lead to errors and generate stress.


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