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Bishwamohan Jena's Key Ideas from The Heart of Success
by Om Swami

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EPIC model of success

EPIC model of success

There are four insanities that successful people live and breathe :

1.Insanely enthusiastic:

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos , meaning inspiration or possession by a god.

When you are enthusiastic about something,you are not just keen and eager,you are in love with it too.You find yourself thinking, talking, dreaming, contemplating about it all the time.

Consider yourself very lucky if you are insanely enthusiastic about something in life;half the job is done.


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<p><strong>2.Insanely persiste...

2.Insanely persistent:

Persistence is not giving up no matter what.

Persistence is to continue working on something with an open mind while you make improvements to progressively build your chances of success.Successful people are not afraid of changing their opinion about something.There's no wisdom in sticking to something just because you said so even tough you now know better.In other words,they continue to learn and improve.


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<p><strong>3.Insanely independ...

3.Insanely independent:

Champions in any field,be it corporate leadership,sports,arts,etc., are fiercely independent thinkers.

They have mastered the delicate art of balancing other's inputs and opinions with their own goals and views.They don't go out seeking approval on every little matter nor do they need to be spoon fed.Paradoxically, independent people make great team players and they certainly make inspirational leaders.


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<p><strong>4.Insanely clear:</...

4.Insanely clear:

Clarity of thought is the foremost quality of successful and happy people.It's the stuff geniuses are made of.

A confused person takes the longest path to success (material or spiritual). When you are clear ,you may fail ,and yet your other qualities help you make better decisions the next time vastly improving your odds of success


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Something Beyond

Something Beyond

Stand for something worthwhile.All is possible then.

What success means to you can't and ideally shouldn't come from external sources because an overwhelming majority of people around you are simply chasing success defined by others.It takes deep insighy to realise that you must have your own definition of success. And it won't be possible until you are clear about your principles and values or in ,other words ,what do you stand for?

Your life will never be the same again the day you figure out the answer to this question.


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I like to discuss about technology, entrepreneurship, science , economics philosophy and spirituality.

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