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3 Stoic Mantras To Build Your Life On

3 Stoic Mantras To Build Your Life On

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Good character: Good deeds

Good character: Good deeds

Mantas are ideas that are true in any situation, that guide you, nourish you, and reassure you, that you can lean on when things are difficult.

A motto to live by every day is that good character works for the common good. When you work on yourself, you are a positive difference-maker in the world.

Ask yourself:

  • How are you making things better?
  • How are you contributing?
  • How are you of service?


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Memento mori: Remember you will die

Memento mori: Remember you will die

You have limited time. Don’t take a minute for granted. Every time you do something, you have to remind yourself that it’s time you will never get back.

Time is our most precious resource. It is always ticking away. Every second that passes belongs to death. You can never get it back. For example,  you may see a beautiful sunrise today but will never see the same specific sunrise again.  That is why you should live and embrace life and not waste it.


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Amor Fati - love of one's fate

Amor Fati - love of one's fate

Nietzsche said you “don’t just bear what is necessary, you love it.” When something bad happens, it can either break your heart and spirit, or you can embrace it and turn it into the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

It’s good that it is difficult. If there were never any obstacles, everyone would do it. There would be a whole lot more competition. So you don’t just accept what is happening to you, you love it and lean into it.

When you lose the manuscript you’ve been working on you say Amor fati. When you’re stuck in traffic, you say Amur fati. Use it as fuel to become better.


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I don't take criticism or myself that seriously. It makes life brigher ☀️

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