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F*ck Pitches. Do This and Clients Will Come To You Instead.

F*ck Pitches. Do This and Clients Will Come To You Instead.



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The Freelance World Has Changed

We’re in the best period in history to be a freelancer or solopreneur. There’ve never been more opportunities and there’s never been lesser of a barrier to entry.

Portfolios of work, pitches, and resumes might still have some relevance — but...

Building Your Online Brand

The best way to attract clients in 2022 is to build your own brand online.

When people see your build an engaged following, when they see you write so well for yourself, they want you to do the same for them.

This is just how the human brain works today. We’re conditioned by conglomer...

Proof Of Your Work Is There For All To See

The reason proof of work is overrated in the online world today is that your online presence — if you’re good enough, is the proof of “work”.

You see, as creators — we build our following online for fun because we genuinely like the process. We sometimes forget how much “work” that process ...

A Blueprint To Follow

  1. Try out different things until you find something you love doing.
  2. Once you find what you love doing, prioritize it.
  3. Go a few months at the very least without getting any money or attention in return.
  4. That’s why you have to really love what you’re doing — in ...

Branding Yourself

Pitching, scouring freelance platforms for gigs, and trying hard might work — but they’re extremely boring and demotivating. Rejections hurt.

Building your personal brand online takes boredom and rejections out of the equation.

You won’t get bored because you’ll be doing what you love...

  • Everyone likes talking about themselves, that’s all you really have to do when it comes to building a brand online.
  • ‘Building a content brand’ is just a fancy way of saying — speak about yourself in a way that will help your audience.
  • If you do this with patience and persiste...



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