Managing the future of work requires a nimble mindset focusing on small, short-term wins, and a ‘cultivate and coordinate’ approach to leadership. - Deepstash
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Inside The Mind of Elon Musk

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The future of work requires nimble leadership

The future of work requires nimble leadership

Successfully leading a company into the future is no longer relying on command-and-control leadership. Instead, the emphasis is on distributed leadership - giving people autonomy to innovate and working in flexible teams so that companies can respond to technology and external risks.

Top leaders are flipping their hierarchy. Their job is not to have all the answers but to help people contribute the best of their expertise, knowledge, skills, and ideas.


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Distributed leadership fare better

Research judged the success and challenges of two firms based on four key capabilities.

  • Relating: Seeing the environment through others’ perspectives
  • Sensemaking: Creating and updating maps of a complex environment to engage more effectively in it.
  • Visioning: Aligning the leader's vision with the organisation's goal.
  • Inventing: Creating new structures or processes.

The company that enacted distributed leadership fared better than the one with a command-and-control leadership model.


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Moving to a distributed leadership model

Moving to a distributed leadership model

  • Let those at lower levels who have vetted and tested ideas participate in leading the change process.
  • Give people a say in matching themselves with roles.
  • Have an honest conversation with potential team members about their capacity to implement and commit.
  • Senior leaders still facilitate and enable entrepreneurial activity.
  • The change will require some combination of command-and-control and cultivate-and-coordinate styles.


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