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Alan Watts on Liberating Yourself through Zen

Alan Watts on Liberating Yourself through Zen

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Life is a mystery to itself

Life is a mystery to itself

If God could explain how he made the world he would not be God. The mystery is what what separates the art from the science. Zen is more of an art than a science. 

Imagine a school that poses the method to make all its students geniuses. All of them with be boring people. You can teach the technique, but the real art is passed through osmosis. That's why Zen teachings have been passed through stories and dialogues. One can not really teach Zen. Only show the way.


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“You may wish to ask where the flowers come from, but even the God of Spring doesn’t know.”



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Zen Stories

Zen Stories

The goal of Zen stories is to make you smile more than to appeal to your logical side. But if a normal joke is aiming to get you to laugh, Zen stories wants you to get enlightened. To act like shock therapy for the spirit

They always pose very confusing dilemmas. And the story emphasize giving up trying to solve the riddle logically, and relying on spontaneity to solve it. 

The ultimate goal is to be nonplussed, so that one does get into attachments with society's rules. Zen is about flowing with the Dao. 


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“Mushin” (無心)

“Mushin” (無心)

Translates to “mind-without-mind.”

We all begin life as babies with an intuitive understanding of the world. As we mature, we discover the validity of our emotions. As adults, we graduate to primarily using logic to navigate our lives. Most people stop here, thinking that they mastered the art of thinking.

Mushin states that intuition, not logic, is the highest form of understanding. Emotions & logicact as biases if overly relied upon. Paradoxically, it is only when we make the leap from using analytical logic to intuitive understanding that we become thinkers of the highest order.


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Very good explanation of Zen

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