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This podcast focuses on micronutrients that are essential for brain and body health.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Micronutrients for Health & Longevity | Episode 70

Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Micronutrients for Health & Longevity | Episode 70

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Challenge yourself intermittently to improve health

Intermittently challenging yourself, be it through temperature changes like cold or heat, other types of stressors, such as physical activity, or even dietary compounds in plants such as polyphenols or flavonoids, is beneficial to the body.

These intermitte...


Sulforaphane is a sulfur-rich compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, broccoli sprouts, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage. It activates a powerful detoxification pathway which helps you detoxify things like carcinogens that you’re exposed to.

Clinical studies have...

Broccoli - raw or cooked

Sulforaphane levels in broccoli are lower when it's cooked. But adding one gram of mustard seed powder to cooked broccoli increases the sulforaphane by fourfold. 

The plant, Moringa, has similar effects to broccoli. This can be bought in a powdered form and added to smoothies. 

Omega -3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acid is another essential macronutrient. People with low omega-3 index have higher all-cause mortality and lower lifespan.

  • Wild game has a higher concentration of micronutrients (e.g., zinc) and omega-3 versus conventional.
  • Grass-fed meat is better as factory farm...

The importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for various aspects of our brain and body health. Vitamin is a steroid hormone we produce when we’re in the sun, depending on how much melanin we have on our skin, whether or not we’re wearing sunscreen, and how old we are. 

Vitamin D gets converted into a steroid tha...


Being deficient in magnesium makes it more difficult to make Vitamin D. Magnesium is also involved in making ATP, the energetic currency of our cells. 

Our bodies need ATP to do anything, including repairing DNA enzymes. You can’t look in the mirror and see DNA damage from lack of magnesium...

Deliberate hot and cold exposure

Cold exposure (11 minutes per week, up to the neck) has been shown to increase brown fat which increases metabolism and the ability to feel comfortable in cold temperatures. 

Regular use of sauna and other heat exposure can reduce mortality by cardiovascular events, stroke, and all...

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Wow, another great podcast. He breaks down how to dramatically improve memory here are the main points



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