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Reorganising books in different ways can help you rediscover old favourites or find the ones you've always wanted to read.


How to Organize Books: Cool and Clever Tips

How to Organize Books: Cool and Clever Tips


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Separate your hard covers and paperbacks

Divide your hardbacks and paperbacks for a cleaner and more streamlined look on your bookshelves. It is also helpful if you're a visual person.

Arrange your books by colour

If you're a reader who tends to associate certain stories with their covers, stack your books by colours, try an ombré pattern, or opt for a rainbow look.

Organize books by genre or subject

Organising by genre and subject makes it easy to find the right book you find interesting.

Group together your mysteries, travel memoirs, 18-century English literature novels, cookbooks, etc.

Organize your books alphabetically

The alphabetical organisation is ideal if your collection of books is so huge it’s essentially a mini library.

It works well if you remember book titles and author names more than genres and plot points.

Group together the books you haven’t read yet

Gather all the books you haven’t read yet and place them in their own particular To Be Read section, so they don’t get lost among the other titles.

Separate your books by author: contemporary or classic

Organising your books by contemporary or classic is useful if you have a diverse collection of old and new books.

You can define contemporary and classic as you desire, for example, living and deceased authors, books written before and after a certain date, or books published in specific pe...

Separate fiction and nonfiction

Bookstores around the world use this method because it is simple, effective and classic.

Group non-fiction books together and keep the other books in another spot.

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