Bullet Journal Ideas for People Who Hate To-do Lists - Deepstash
Bullet Journal Ideas for People Who Hate To-do Lists

Bullet Journal Ideas for People Who Hate To-do Lists


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Bullet Journal Ideas for People Who Hate To-do Lists

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The bullet journal method

Ryder Carroll started the Bullet Journal Method that grew into a lifestyle movement.

The bullet journal is a paper-and-pen journal where you can organise all of your lists, projects and plans in one place. Bullet journaling will help you to be more productive by organising what you have to do. However, the real purpose is to be mindful of why you're doing the tasks.


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  • Index: This section of the journal is a "table of contents" for the rest of the journal. When you add a new section, include its name and starting page number in the index.
  • Future log: This is where you note events like birthdays, weddings and vacations.
  • Monthly log: A month gets a two-page spread. The one page is a calendar-like list of every day of the month with bulleted entries for appointments, deadlines, meetings, and events from the Future Log. The second page is a bulleted list of tasks for the month.
  • Daily log: Every day gets its own page. Here you write everything that needs to get done today.


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With a bullet journal, you can reflect on what you really want to do with your time and energy while writing down observations and inspirations. You can see which tasks are meaningless distractions while focusing on the real tasks.

To keep all the entries organized, use a quick notation system:

  • ● Tasks
  • O Events
  • : — Notes
  • ✫ Priority
  • ! Inspirational insights.


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  • It's a mental inbox: You can offload your thoughts, ideas and tasks. This will help to declutter your mind.
  • It's a habit tracker: Every bullet journal can be customised. You can add "modules" for any goals with daily tasks to help you achieve them. It's a great motivator to see your progress.
  • It's a creative outlet for your doodling moments.


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  • Don't make it profound so that it becomes a chore: You can write what you want and figure out what matters later.
  • Just get started: Write down a few tasks you want to get done today. Consider how you can resolve some issues you're facing. Write down some ideas and get started.
  • Buy materials you like: If you hate your materials, you're going to be less likely to use them every day.
  • Don't worry if it is not artistic: It is a reflection of your life, and that makes it beautiful.
  • Start with one area of your life: Track your eating habits, or financial goals, or friend's birthdays, etc.


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