What’s the actual risk of telling a little white lie on your résumé? - Deepstash
What’s the actual risk of telling a little white lie on your résumé?

What’s the actual risk of telling a little white lie on your résumé?

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The majority of job seekers twist the truth on their résumés

The majority of job seekers twist the truth on their résumés

A 2020 Resume Lab study found that 56% of job seekers twist some details on their résumés. 36% of those surveyed said they lied outright, while others said they stretched the truth.

Hiring managers and job seekers should know what constitutes a lie, why people fudge the truth and the consequences.


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Common ways job applicants "enhance" their résumés

The most common lies are in work experience, for example, taking full credit for a project or overstating sales figures. Others claim skills they don't possess, such as language proficiency, or misrepresent job responsibilities.

Another form is using white font keywords in the blank areas of the résumé to fool the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and get you beyond the software.


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Why people lie on their résumés

Why people lie on their résumés

  • The market has become more competitive. Applicants that have been unemployed for an extended period may think they don’t have a chance.
  • The ATS looks for specific words from each job seeker, and if applicants don’t have those words in their job history, they make them up to try and beat the bot at its own game.
  • Many candidates feel the job search process has become so impersonal that they lack any connection with the employer.
  • When career consultants and résumé writers are hired to create a killer résumé, the authentic voice of the applicant and incentive to tell the truth disappears.


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How cheating can be discovered

According to the ResumeLab study, only 21% of people who lied on a résumé actually lose out on a job. But if a candidate is caught, the ATS identifies that person as a "do not hire".

How cheating can be discovered:

  • Recruiters can read the “hidden” white fonts on a résumé by selecting all and changing the font to black.
  • Hiring managers can search the candidate’s social media sites and find discrepancies.
  • Cheating can be discovered during interviews.
  • Companies hire independent firms to do background checks on new hires.


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