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Being Rooted is the key.

The Practice of Groundedness

The Practice of Groundedness

by Brad Stulberg


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The Six Principles Of Groundedness

Many people place too much emphasis on external accomplishments and see themselves as solitary individuals who must bear their own difficulties.

Accepting your current reality, staying present with it, being patient with your progress, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, embracing c...

Key Concepts

  • Burnout and misery are the results of heroic individuality.
  • Focusing on your origins – the beliefs and practices that keep you grounded – is the antidote to heroic individualism.
  • Accept your current reality as it is so that you can strive toward the future you wish.
  • S...

Burnout and Misery Are the Results of Heroic Individuality

Heroic individuality leads to fatigue and dissatisfaction.

Do you ever feel that it's never enough, no matter who you are or what you do? Are you always comparing yourself and your accomplishments to unreasonably high standards and fixating on the resulting gap?

If that's the case, yo...

So Much To Do, All Depending On You

People who are enslaved by heroic individualism feel forced to complete far too many chores at far too fast a pace and under far too much stress.

As a result, they are disorganized, harried, and tired. They can't even rest properly because they're so focused on their exterior achievements; ...

Focusing on Your Origins Is the Antidote to Heroic Individualism

What allows a redwood tree to soar hundreds of feet into the air while being buffeted by strong, occasionally violent winds? It isn't the tree's canopy that is continuously pushing to reach new heights. It is the roots that keep it firmly planted in the ground.

When you're grounded...

The Definition Of Being Rooted

What exactly does it mean to be rooted?

To begin with, it implies that you have a sense of inner strength, stability, and confidence. The word "inner" is significant in this context. The feeling of being grounded isn't dependent on or derived from external accomplishments; ...

Accept Your Current Reality as Is and Work Toward the Future You Wish

Acceptance simply entails calmly, nonreactively, and neutrally admitting the truth of a problem. It's best if it's as neutral as possible.

Consider the following example from an ancient Buddhist parable: It's as if you've already been pierced by one arrow if you're having a negative th...

Stay Present and Patient to Stay Grounded in What Matters to You and Bring Things to Fruition

Consider your attention to be similar to water. Because there's only so much of it, the question becomes: which seeds will you give it to?

You're probably dispersing it in too many places instead of focusing it on what matters most to you. It's partly because Western culture encourages indi...

The Perfect Online Persona

Everyone has flaws, limits, and challenges in real life. Due to the poisonous combination of social media and a culture of heroic individualism, which encourages people to always be optimistic, act invincible, and operate at 100 percent, they are hesitant to share their flaws. They don't want to ...

Break Down Your Goals In Small Chunks

A seed, of all, requires more than just water to thrive; it also requires time. The same can be said about life's most important objectives. Unfortunately, Western culture pushes people to rush through tasks in order to complete them as soon as possible. Not only does this lead to burnout, but it...

Accept Weakness in Order to Gain True Strength

Many people are living parallel lives these days. They show themselves as powerful, joyful, and successful people who are always living their personal and professional life to the fullest, both online and off.

  • Consider the well-chosen photos they share on Instagram and the accomplishme...

Surround Yourself with A Supporting Network to Ensure You're Completely Grounded

Heroic individualism promotes people to see themselves as lone individuals capable of heroic deeds on their own, as the name implies. People who are enslaved by this way of thinking come to consider strength as the ability to bear one's own difficulties without assistance.

However, no one i...

Body And Mind Are Connected

There is a long tradition in Western thought of seeing the mind and body as two distinct entities. But, according to current research, they're more like two sides of the same coin – or, to put it another way, an integrated mind-body system. Your gut bacteria, for example, can influence your mood,...

Keep Your Body Moving to Keep Your Thoughts Centered

Your body was designed to move, not sit for long periods of time. As a result, exercise is essential for both physical and mental health. Although this may not come as a surprise to some, the advantages of exercise can be remarkable. It has been proven in numerous studies to be one of the most ef...

Start Small

You won’t be able to benefit from the concepts of groundedness unless you put them into action. Take each of the six principles and come up with three things you can start doing and three things you can stop doing to live more in line with them. Make sure your goals are attainable and reasonable ...

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