Neglect & Trauma: The Lives of the Forgotten Children - Deepstash
Neglect & Trauma: The Lives of the Forgotten Children

Neglect & Trauma: The Lives of the Forgotten Children

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The Neglect Theory

The Neglect Theory

Children who experienced often faced anxiety, as a result their body produce stress hormones.

If this happens alot, these hormones become toxic for developing brain.


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1. Cognitive Neglect

1. Cognitive Neglect

Leads to:

  • Lower IQ server
  • Delayed language development
  • Lack of creative thinking.

Because our brain build connections with every new experiences and stimulation. If there are no rich experience, during the first year of life – the period in which the brain develops the fastest – children are not able to build foundation necessary for optimal future learning.

They miss out for life.


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2. Physical Neglect

2. Physical Neglect

Most often suffer from...

  • Stunted growth
  • Some contradicted with HIV
  • Hepatitis B

As a result of reusing medical supplies.


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3. Emotional Neglect

3. Emotional Neglect

Leads to...

  • An excessive production of the stress hormones (known as adrenaline and cortisol), like poison for developing brain.
  • Distorted the understanding of physical love and relationships.
  • Done to trust nobody.
  • Dipression, insomnia and social anxiety.


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How You Can Deal?

How You Can Deal?

If you experienced any form of neglect, try to intimidate the idea that

" it was never your fault and maybe not even your parents fault either. "


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Being an INFJ... " Every soul has to taste death' one day, so be kind to everyone, even when he's your enemy "


If you dealing with negligence, how you can consider yourself in that situation?, how you can deal with that form?

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