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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Leon Morris's Key Ideas from Don't Worry, Be Happy
by Poppy O'Neill

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How to deal with anxiety!

How to deal with anxiety!

To deal with your anxiety. Which and either be thoughts, panic attacks, worries or more you firstly need to take deep and calm breaths. Try to stop your crying, keep calm and look at your surroundings around you. Use tricks like counting down from 10 to 1 and also when your having your thoughts just remember: Thoughts aren’t facts. Also try and communicate with trusted people like friends or family. Or even try writing it down to a diary as if it’s your family member!


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Help to solve your anxiety!

Help to solve your anxiety!

If you are having anxiety just know you Are not alone and other innocent people are experiencing the exact same feeling as you are! You can be having anxiety about:

  • Work
  • Dying
  • Getting Ill
  • People

All of those are experienced by normal people every day! And to solve the anxiety you are having you need to rest, keep calm doing this will help amazingly to fix your anxiety and also try getting something soft like a teddy or a blanket to help you keep calm and something to hug to know Your OK!


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Quotes to help with anxiety!

Quotes to help with anxiety!

If you are suffering with anxiety just know that “It’s all going to be over soon” your anxiety will go eventually!

“Your Not Alone”

”Thoughts Aren’t Facts”

“Everyone feels worried sometimes”

“Never Give Up”

“Your OK”

“People care”

“Anxiety comes from a healthy brain with a big imagination”

These quotes are great help! To know your not alone and it will stop eventually.


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Final Words For Anxiety Help!

Final Words For Anxiety Help!

You are strong and you can help and solve anxiety! To help to stop anxiety in the future try doing morning exercises at the start at everyday such as yoga or even stretches and make sure you take deep and big breaths while doing it. Have a calm and quiet background while doing it can really help! Also try and make a habit of walking daily and socialising more with family and friends and other new friends! Also try and keep away from technology and limit your hours! I hope this helps! “Bye!”


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I’m just here to help people with anxiety just like me!

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