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5 Strategies for Better Time Management

5 Strategies for Better Time Management


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5 Strategies for Better Time Management

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5 Strategies for Better Time Management

Time management is the ability to use your time efficiently. This is something that cannot be learned but practiced in your daily life, so to make the best use of your time make the strategies ahead.


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Write down your task you need to accomplish on daily basis, make routine for your day by creating a list of things get to be done with sequence, by planning daily it will help you achieve maximum time productivity.


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Always assign a time to a particular task, by doing this you have a time frame in your mind that will help you to focus on your task without any distraction.


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Everyone has their best productive hours in a day were they accomplish task easily without any distraction or hassle, find your productive hour by observing your daily time schedule and make sure to finish your major task during your productive hours.


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This principle teaches us that 80% of the results we achieve are from 20% of our actions, so focus on to find the task which is more important to finish for the day, by finish the major tasks you will achieve maximum results with less time.


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Avoid the major distraction that is Smartphone keep it silent and away while performing your task, keep your desk neat and clean remove unnecessary things from your desk to just focus on your end results.


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Time management is very curial for better productivity,so i have pointed out some tips to manage time for better productivity.


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