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Problem Statements in UX Discovery

Problem Statements in UX Discovery


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Problem Statements in UX Discovery

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A problem statement is a concise description of a problem that needs to be solved

It’s a helpful scoping device, focusing the team on the problem it needs to explore and subsequently solve. A problem statement makes clear what needs to be done in discovery and what’s out of scope. Problem statements are also great communication tools; well-written ones can be used to gain buy-in from stakeholders on why it’s important to explore and solve the problem.


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  1. Users of our newspaper app often export content from our app, rather than sharing content through our app. This is a problem because target audiences are less likely to know that the content came from our app, leading to lower conversion rates. This is also a problem for app users, as exporting content is time-consuming and could lead to a decrease in app usage.
  2. Sales reps spend a long time planning which leads to visits each month. Because planning is done manually — using Excel spreadsheets and printed paper lists — sales reps find it difficult to meet their targets. 


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  1. The background of a problem: Which organization or department has the problem and what is the problem?
  2. The people affected by the problem: There could be multiple user groups affected by a specific problem in different ways.
  3. The impact of the problem on the organization: If the problem is not fixed, what will be the effect on the organization? Reputational damage? Paying unavoidable costs?


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1. Be A laundry list of unrelated problems: A discovery effort should have one problem statement focused on one problem

2. Not Contain A solution: Leave the solution out of your problem statement at the beginning that is absolutely important

3. It should Be Brief: Problem statements are effective when they are concise, if you condense the problem you will lose important information


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