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How to Keep Your Connections Strong

How to Keep Your Connections Strong


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How to Keep Your Connections Strong

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The Friends You Don't Want To Lose

Maintaining friendships may feel hard for you if you are juggling more than you have the capacity for in your life.

Create a list of the prominent people in their lives with whom they want to spend the most time.

When you've created that list, let those friends know how much it means to you that they've stuck by your side for so long.


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Create A Social Infrastructure

Create a standing time for socializing without the need to plan it.

If you already have social infrastructure built into your calendar, it alleviates the burden and energy drain of constantly figuring out a time that works for everyone.

It's very hard to reach out to people when you're lonely.


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Recurring Meetings

  • If a weekly meetup doesn't work for you or your friend, be prepared with another offer that allows you to meet in the middle.
  • Discuss why recurring hangouts are important.
  • You can spend less time with a friend and still feel close to them if you are both willing to get more vulnerable more quickly.
  • Find topics of interest you have in common that you can both continuously reach out about.


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Don’t Avoid Conflict

If you cut others off at the slightest sign of an issue, many of your friendships won't last.

When a friend continually does something that you don't like, instead of saying nothing, talk about it from a place of love and express that you're bringing it up because you want to stay close.


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 Lean Into The Hard Times

  • Being there for your friends during theirs is something they won't forget.
  • If you don't give to other people, and if you're not nourishing the people in your life, who's to say you'll have people who are there for you when you're going through difficult times?


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