13 Harsh Truths About Relationships. - Deepstash
13 Harsh Truths About Relationships.

13 Harsh Truths About Relationships.


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13 Harsh Truths About Relationships.

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Most Relationships Make You Unhappy

They start off awesome.

But the early excitement eventually fades.

Flaws/differences emerge.

Remind yourself why you got into it in the first place.

To be happy!

If you still want the relationship, do whatever it takes to make it happy again.


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Your parents are going to die, and you have no idea when.

You do not have all the time in the world.

Call them.

Tell them you love them,

Thank them.

Spend time with them.


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You are in love with the idea of that person, not that person.

And when they behave like themselves, you feel disappointed, hurt, and resentful.

But it's quite possible, they have been that way always.

You just expected somebody else!


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You please people because you are terrified of facing your true self.

It's far easier to be nice to others and have them like you for it than to meditate on your flaws and find out how much work you still have left to do on yourself!


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You are scared to let go of relationships because you don't know how to make new ones.

That toxic friend, lover, even job - you hold on to them because you don't trust yourselves to find it again!


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You will never be loved by someone who doesn't love themselves.

They do not know what it is to receive love, so they do not know what it is to love.


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Overthinkers will never believe you when you tell them you will never leave.

Because their mind is always giving them reasons of why you will.


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Your early excitement with a new relationship blinds you to their flaws, which will eventually be realized.


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No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to convey the true depth of your love to someone else.

There will always be a gap.

Question is - do you continue compensating for it, or realize it's true for the other side as well.


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You will never find your better half if you don't think of yourself as a whole!


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The best friendships will be made when not trying to seek friendships.

They will just happen.

It will feel like destiny.


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Some relationships will only suck energy from you.

They do not know any better.

They need energy from everyone else because they cannot generate it within.

These relationships are rarely giving and take.

They only take.

And you have only so much to give.


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The most difficult person you will spend time with is you yourself.

We don't spend time with ourselves.

Because we are scared of what we might find.

Your thoughts are your biggest strength, biggest enemy, or biggest competition.

You decide which role they play.


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The one thing I learned (and agree with) from the book "Courage to be disliked" is that every problem eventually boils down to interpersonal relationships.

It is hard-hitting at first to realize this, but the more you meditate on it, the clearer and more obvious it becomes.


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Relationships define almost everything in our life.

They seem easy but are not.

They feel permanent but are not.

They appear trivial but are not.

The more we understand them, the better we get at being happy with ourselves.


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"Life isn't about making relationships. It is about understanding why we make relationships."


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A Twitter thread by Ankur Warikoo about relationships. We often create perceptions of a person and we started loving them. Eventually, flaws can be seen and it feels like this is not the same person we loved.