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The Meaning of Fearless Mastery

The Meaning of Fearless Mastery


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The Meaning of Fearless Mastery

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The Meaning of Fearlessness

  • Fearless means courage in the face of fear.
  • It means the ability to be with your fear - face it, focus on it, stay with it, and become intimate with it.
  • Our lives change when we have this kind of fearlessness.


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  • Mastery is the process of mastering something.
  • It's having a Beginner’s Mind, and being willing to stay in the process. It's a deepening into, not a final state.
  • Mastery is where the deepest growth takes place, where we become our most authentic selves.


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  • Fearless Mastery: A process of deepening into the training of fearlessness, getting intimate with fear, and creating a new relationship with uncertainty
  • In this process, we are willing to let go of ego and humble ourselves
  • We're willing to make mistakes, fall on our faces, and admit we don't know
  • It's a beautiful process of taking full responsibility for what we want to create in our lives.


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