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4 Toxic Money Beliefs That Keep You From Financial Freedom

4 Toxic Money Beliefs That Keep You From Financial Freedom


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4 Toxic Money Beliefs That Keep You From Financial Freedom

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Toxic Money Beliefs

The idea that we have certain destructive beliefs about money is certainly true.

The most obvious destructive beliefs are “money is evil” or “I’m not good with money.” We all get that. Money is good if you use it to do well. And everyone can learn to get better with money.


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When you live in the future, you’re always waiting for the moment to start living your life. You live in this empty space in between goals. And it’s not a good place to be in because you’re always anxious.

Here’s a little secret: You can be happy now.


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2. “You need a business to achieve financial freedom”

Some people want to retire by a certain age. A lot of people like the number 40 for some reason.

People have done the math. If you want to retire by 40 and want to spend $4K a month, you need at least $2.5 million in retirement savings.

That’s why many motivational speakers advocate for being a business owner. Because “very few people can become millionaires by being an employee.”

But while it’s great to have a profitable business, you really don’t need to be a full-time entrepreneur. Financial freedom is all about having options like an online business, rental income etc.


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You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire.


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Prioritizing money over time is tough because it’s ingrained in our behaviour.

The adage, “being cheap is expensive,” is cliche but true. Everything we do has an opportunity cost.

The catch is to not throw money at your problems. It’s common when we’re stressed or unfulfilled. Instead, try to be self-aware and find the root cause of these issues. That’s a better way to spend one’s time.


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4. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”

That’s true but also not true.

The problem with this platitude is that it puts us in a scarcity mindset. But building sustainable wealth isn’t about holding on tightly to the small amount of money you make. It’s a matter of creating value.

That’s the beauty of building a profitable digital business. You create value in the digital world. And ultimately, that translates to the “real” world.


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You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.


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The goal of financial freedom, like many other things, is balance. It’s not about more, more, more. We don’t want to be too cheap or too lavish. We can be ambitious and grow. But at the same time, we also don’t want to overspend and live beyond our means.


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Live according to your income.


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