4 Major Financial Personalities, & How To Use Yours As A Strength - Deepstash
4 Major Financial Personalities, & How To Use Yours As A Strength

4 Major Financial Personalities, & How To Use Yours As A Strength

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“The Freedom Finder”

The freedom finders like to spend on new experiences in the pursuit of “living life to the fullest.” 

Try using a budgeting app or immediately allocating a portion of each paycheck into envelopes with designated purposes. Include a travel fund and emergency fund.


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“The Relationship Protector”

The relationship protector is often family-oriented. If they can support them emotionally and financially, it gives them their sense of achievement at having helped. 

A relationship protector is far less likely to make spontaneous investments when others depend on them, and their conservative approach to saving prepares them for retirement. 


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“The Opportunity Seeker”

They’re always looking to expand their options, and every financial decision is carefully calculated to maximize growth. 

The opportunity seeker has to watch out for taking on more risk with business initiatives or investment opportunities. Spending time with a professional to seek a second opinion can help you assess whether the newest opportunity is the best one for you. 


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“The Security Keeper”

If you track every dollar you spend, are a bit of a perfectionist, and always need to know what the plan is, this might just be your financial personality.

A security keeper focuses more on the day-to-day than future financial freedom. Seek out sound advice to help you step outside of your financial comfort zone.


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