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The best way to pack your car for any road trip

The best way to pack your car for any road trip

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Luggage Tetris!

Luggage Tetris!

For most people, summer means vacation and traveling. As temperatures rise, 80 percent of Americans plan on changing their everyday scenery, and most of them will do so by taking a road trip. And it makes sense since driving is more flexible and cheaper than flying.

The trunk of your car has a lot more room than a single carry-on, but it’s definitely limited and you’ll need to make the most of it. Packing for the road isn’t just about the satisfaction of winning a complicated game of luggage Tetris—safety is important, too. 


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Packing Tips

Packing Tips

  • Disassemble or collapse large items (e.g. strollers) to pack down as small as possible.
  • To make the most of the space in your car, pack anything especially bulky or with sharp edges in its own box, and fill in any nooks and crannies with soft, pliable goods like blankets, pillows or jackets.
  • To avoid a flying suitcase ruining your trip, stow heavy items at the bottom of the trunk and away from people
  • For added safety, use rope or bungee cords to strap down heavy objects to your vehicle's built-in tie-down anchors
  • If you have luggage piled in the backseat, secure it with a safety net


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