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Camping for Beginners: A Complete Guide on How to Camp | PlanetWare

Camping for Beginners: A Complete Guide on How to Camp | PlanetWare

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Camping does not mean "roughing it"

Camping does not mean "roughing it"

Camping in the great outdoors can beat a stay in a hotel. Front-country camping, also known as car camping, means driving to a campground and pulling up to a designated campsite, often not far from home.

A first-time camping experience can be comfortable with the right camping gear, guidance, and helpful tips.


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Essential camping gear

Essential camping gear

Bringing the right gear is key to comfortable camping.

The minimum needs are:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Warmth

These can be expanded to include equipment for:

  • Comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Every kitchen gadget to cook delicious meals.
  • Hours of entertainment around the campfire.


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How to find a campsite

How to find a campsite

A developed campground is best for beginner campers as they have dedicated campsites to park a car or RV, potable water and restroom facilities. They also have picnic tables and fire rings.

Use the internet to find campgrounds in the desired area of travel, such as national park campgrounds.


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How to set up a tent

How to set up a tent

It's good practice to set up a tent long before nightfall on a cleared, flat area.

The beginner tent consists of tent poles, tent stakes, the tent body and rain cover (also known as a rainfly of fly.) Some tents also come with an extra floor, known as a footprint, that goes under the tent.

  • First, slide the tent poles through the designated fabric slots in the tent body.
  • Place the footprint below the tent.
  • Using the designated stake loops on the tent, pull the tent out until there's tension and stake the tent to the ground.
  • Add a rain cover.


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How to stay comfortable while camping

How to stay comfortable while camping

Comfort is critical for every camper. The best way to get a good night sleep is to keep everything relatively dry, warm, and off the ground.

  • A quality sleeping pad prevents cold from creeping through from the ground.
  • A quality sleeping bag radiates heat back.
  • A waterproof tent is a top investment.
  • Comfortable clothing includes many layers to stay warm, including wool socks, a stocking cap, and gloves.


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Cooking food while camping

Cooking food while camping

Many campers build up their "camp kitchen" over the years.

  • Standard items include propane two-burner stover, durable dinnerware sets, dishwashing stations, foldable tables, and camp coffee makers. 
  • Food could include hot dogs, s'mores, and barbecue items.
  • If you plan to cook by the coals, check the local regulations for a campfire. Practice starting a campfire at home. If it's difficult, consider a tinder or other fire starters.


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Using the bathroom while camping

Using the bathroom while camping

Every developed campsite offers a bathroom.

  • Primitive restrooms generally consist of four walls, a toilet structure, and a hole in the ground. No running water. 
  • Modern bathrooms feature electricity, running water, flushing toilets, and showers.


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Tips for beginner camping

Tips for beginner camping

  • A lantern on a picnic table is great for lighting up the space at night. A headlamp makes camp chores easier in the dark.
  • Long sleeves and pants can protect one from common irritants such as mosquitoes and poison ivy.
  • Store food in a vehicle when not in use as even the hint of smell can attract wildlife. Some campgrounds provide dedicated storage units for food.
  • Read the campground information board.
  • Make reservations if you can. However, some campgrounds are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Try not to rely on cell phone or internet reception.


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Other types of camping

Other types of camping

Primitive camping is spending the night outside of a designated campground. It is most often done in national forests or on crown land. Primitive camping is usually free but does not include amenities such as water, bathrooms, or electricity.

Backpacking involves carrying a tent and all camping supplies in a backpack. Backpackers follow trails and camp in the wilderness without any fixed amenities.


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