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10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts
10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts
10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts


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10 InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

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when you hold that alt and then shift then you can duplicate something and keep it in line with what you already have. It is a very quick way to quickly duplicate what you have and keep it in line


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It is useful to see everything so you can make sure you are designing everything unified, it’s much easier to use this than using the tool and use the Cntrl + and - tools


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Hold down alt and then move the arrow key left or right to change tracking

Hold the arrow keys up and down to change the leading of the text as well.


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To size something from the center hold Control Alt and Shift and then drag it out and then it will stay in the same position just large than it was very useful


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To change something from stroke to fill hit x and then to change something a color to nothing hit the backslash keyboard shortcut


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