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Ram Avatar - Seventh Avatar Of Vishnu
Ram Avatar - Seventh Avatar Of Vishnu
Ram Avatar - Seventh Avatar Of Vishnu


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Ram Avatar - Seventh Avatar Of Vishnu

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The whole saga of stupendous journey's of Lord Ram is said to be as Ramayana. He was born to the King Dasharatha of Ayodhya and Kautilya. Brought up as a divine, stunning & charming soul was also possed by great fighting abilities taught by his Guru Vishwamitra


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Kaikeyi the mother of second son of King Dashratha named Bharata, was once mind-stabbed by her evil maid Manthara when the Lord Ram was declared as the next king by his father. She urged Kaikeyi to use her boon gifted by King Dashratha.

Kaikeyi rooked by her maid asked the King for the boon. The king trapped by his words accepted the boon to sent Lord Ram for 14 yrs of exile and made Bharata as the next king of Ayodhya.


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Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman went to gaze the forest life. They moved to Panchavati as suggested by Muni Agasthya.

Supranakha the sister of Ravana, once went to confirm whatever she had heard about the pure look of Lord Ram. When came near, stunned by the divine soul sought to devour Sita and marry Lord Ram, Laxman abruptly cut her nose shoved her off.


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Raged by the state of Supranakha, Ravana decided to abduct Sita and marry her as heard about her alluring and pleasing look.

Ravana along with his uncle maaricha went to carry on his sinful deed. Maaricha manifested itself into a golden Deer to locomote Lord Ram away from his residence. Then the demon called out for help in voice of Lord Ram, tricking Laxman for looking out for Lord Ram. Then Ravana disguised himself as a sage to ask for some food to Sita. Unable to cross the Laxman-Rekha made by Laxman, sage asked the Sita to cross it, Sita for her kindness did it and got captured by Ravana.


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Lord Ram and Laxman on the way found out a injured vulture named Jatayu, holding on to his last breath was slashed by Ravana while saving Sita.

They defeated demon mountain Kabandha and freed him from the curse, who told them to find Sugreev in Rishyamukh Mountain.

King Sugreev was outthrown by his brother Vali from his kingdom and captured his wife.


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Sugreev made a deal with Lord Ram and recaptured the King Vali. Sugreev as promised send his army across all 4 directions to find the throne of Ravana.

They then met Sampaati who told about Ravana's origin. Jaldevi then pleased Lord Ram to write his name on the rocks, they would float. They made a bridge named Ram Setu out of stones.


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Lord Rama asked the King of Lanka to still accept his defeat and return Sita safely to him. Ravana rejected the statement and a fiercerful battle rose on the terrains of Lanka, but Ravana was finally defeated as advised by his brother Vibhishana.


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This is the most criticized and grieved part of Ramayana, when Lord Ram met Sita she was asked for a Agnipariksha, which is done in order to test the character of a women with their adulterous wisdom. As Sita heard Lord Ram about his intention she went in deep sorrow and misery and pleased not to hurt her of this dreadful act.

Lord Ram explained that the test for chastity is necessary as he himself would trust her but the rest of the world won't.


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"You could grieve for your circumstances or could simply give the test and prove your potential"


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"You could either grieve on circumstances or simply go through the tests and prove your potential"


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