The history of Disneyland: How Walt Disney created the 'Happiest Place on Earth' - Deepstash
The history of Disneyland: How Walt Disney created the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

The history of Disneyland: How Walt Disney created the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

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Disneyland: The beginning

Disneyland: The beginning

The story of our all time favourite amusement park started back in 1953 when Walt Disney presented his idea to build the biggest amusement park ever to his previous employee, the illustrator Herb Ryman. In order to be able to build this amazing park, Disney began raising money by means of advertising, helped by his brother Roy.

  • The very first to be created was the castle.
  • The second most important element was the train, which was supposed to surround all the creation.
  • A third feature referred to the fact that every single attraction had to be unique.

The park was opened only two years after the initial drawing and was going to be aired by American Broadcasting Company in the 'largest live TV special yet produced'.


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The opening day of the Disneyland

The amusement park opened on 17th of July 1955 and was watched by 90 million of citizens, out of a total of 169 million.

Even if the day went by with quite a few issues, by September the millionth visitor had stepped into the alleys of the park. Nowadays there are 12 parks worldwide, however, the only one that bears the signature of his big creator remains the one in Anaheim.


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Walt Disney

Walt Disney

While presenting himself as extremely sociable and friendly to the audience, Walt Disney was quite the demanding and irritable boss when it came to his employees.

However, he was both open to the others' ideas, which totally paid off when improving the park, and a supporter of Jewish people, even though at some point individuals took him for an anti-Semite.


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