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Is Disneyland the great American artwork?

Is Disneyland the great American artwork?


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A window into how America interprets the world

Disneyland is more valued than ever for its art. The theme park is also revealing how America interprets the world and itself.

Stepping into Disneyland is like stepping into a fantasy storybook. New Orleans Square has a version of a swashbuckling South, with pirate...

Disneyland as art

There is an increasing eagerness to see Disneyland, not just for the frivolous fun and entertainment, but as art.

A new documentary series, Behind The Attraction, reveals the technological and artistic innovation that goes into the theme parks most famous rides, showing the ingredients that...

The case for art

Disneyland and other theme parks are becoming more an obsession for adults than for children.

Disneyland is full of design that doesn't draw attention to itself. It is architected so that every design choice reinforces the story around it. Every part is designed to carefully match the mood ...

The current reputation of Disneyland

The internet has allowed new creators to document Disneyland and its history and culture.

Conversely, Disney's cultural dominance and corporate practices have sparked anti-Disney sentiment. However, it is still possible to separate art and artists from the larger corporate culture. The work...

An evolving symbol in line with modern values

Another major looming question around Disneyland is what it chooses to represent, and how.

Disneyland continues to scrub its depictions of the world, such as supposedly family-friendly fantasies and depictions of indigenous African people that they suggest were cannibals. Another is the Spl...

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