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How to Write Concisely

How to Write Concisely


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How to Write Concisely

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Delete words that don’t add anything to your sentence

We’re (literally) so used to (just) writing these words we may (actually) find that our writing sounds (totally) odd without them. But (generally) once you get in the habit of cutting these words, you (really) won’t miss them.

If one of these words is essential to the meaning of your sentence, keep it! But if not, let it go. To decide whether the word should stay or go, ask yourself these questions:

What is the word adding to your sentence?

If you cut it, does your sentence lose anything?

If you keep it, will you dilute your message?


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Cut the overlap

Because we figure out what we think by writing, we often repeat ourselves as we get closer to the best version of our ideas. Combine sentences and shorten it!


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Just do it

Your readers don’t necessarily need to follow the journey you took while you were drafting the document. They just need to know where you ended up.


I want to point out that our current staffing problems have been exacerbated by a combination of low salaries and the rising cost of housing for renters and buyers in our target cities.

Readers will know you’re pointing out the staffing problems because you’re the author of the document that mentions that staffing problems. You don’t lose important information if you cut those first few words and start with “Our current staffing problems…”


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