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Living Beyond “What If?”


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Living Beyond “What If?”

by Shirley Davis

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Key Concepts From The Book

  • One of the first stages toward making your dreams a reality is to be able to visualize them.
  • Davis learned to jump after rebounding back from traumatic situations, and he’s never looked back.
  • Find creative methods to think about your goals to overcome procrastination.
  • Face your worries head-on by working through them, taking action, and being focused.
  • Make a plan and discover your purpose to attain your objectives.
  • It’s time to take a risk once you’ve invested in your connections.


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Visualize Your Dreams

The human mind is a wonderful thing. It stays with us throughout our lives, active and uninhibited in children. Imagining a new future is one of the most crucial initial stages in making any major life change, even if we use it in less evident ways as we become older.

But there's a difference between imagination and reality. Dealing with reality is a different story. One finds it hard to believe that we can envision our future to make it a reality.


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Take The Chance

Taking a chance can pay off handsomely. The real expertise is knowing which risks to take.

If you wish to quit your career, an exit strategy could include exploring other positions that are a better fit, determining what skills you need, and engaging with a mentor or supervisor. If the issue is more personal, such as wanting to end a relationship, your exit strategy may entail visualizing various scenarios or emotions and practising your responses over and over.


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Remember that not everything in life is meant to stay forever when things get scary. Knowing when a circumstance is about to expire puts you in a position of strength, not weakness.


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Find Creative Methods to Think About Your Goals to Overcome Procrastination

Why do so many of us fail to attain our ambitions? Procrastination is frequently the root of the problem. In other words, whether it's putting out the garbage or going to the doctor, we tend to put off doing things we know we should do.

The human inclination to prefer present rewards over future rewards is known as time inconsistency, and this phenomenon contributes to our procrastination.


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The Doughnut Is Tasty And You Can Eat It Right Now

In the future, you might desire to be healthy and fit, but right now, you might crave a doughnut. Even if you know that you should eat well, the doughnut's implications appear far away. So you eat the doughnut, rather than taking responsibility now, you transfer the buck to your future self.


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Procrastination isn't the only reason why many individuals abandon their dreams. We're prone to obsessing over disempowering questions like What if I'm not good enough? You may feel hopeless, powerless, and unworthy if you have this perspective.

Measure your success in terms of your own objectives, not the objectives of others. Also, keep in mind that failure is a necessary component of success. In fact, it’s the most effective approach to study and progress!


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Face Your Worries Head-On

We've all experienced terror at some point in our lives as humans. Did you know, though, that much of your fear is taught behaviour? In actuality, humans have only two phobias from birth: the fear of falling and the dread of loud noises. Everything else can be learned or acquired.

Fear can sometimes be justified. Sometimes it's merely a figment of the imagination, but other times it's not. One thing is certain: living in fear makes it impossible to live your aspirations.


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Conquer Your Worries: The Steps

  • To begin, change the way you think about your worries by recognizing them; naming your fear reduces its potency.
  • Next, figure out what it is you're afraid of.
  • Third, make an attempt to do whatever it is that is upsetting you.
  • Fourth, boost your self-esteem by repeating positive affirmations about your special qualities and abilities.
  • Fifth, once you've overcome fear, write down what happened and how you overcame it; you'll be able to call on those emotions again in the future.
  • Finally, keep visualizing your dreams becoming a reality.  


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Discover Your Purpose to Attain Your Objectives

Establish a strategy and identify your purpose in order to attain your goals.

Start by answering a few fundamental questions, such as Who am I? and Why am I here? to construct your own purpose statement. 

You can start drafting your life plan once you have your purpose statement. This is a written overview of your visions, dreams, and goals that you wish to achieve in a specific time frame. It should be an honest appraisal of where you are in life.

Some categories can be career, health, personal relationships, finances, and spirituality.


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Take The Risk

Humans are social beings who require healthy relationships in order to thrive. However, if you don't look after yourself, it will be difficult to look after others. You must develop self-confidence in order to be and perform your best. Making your aspirations a reality becomes a form of self-love.

Once you've engaged in your connections, it's time to take a risk.


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The Two Categories Of Relationships

Your relationships can be divided into two categories. The first tier is your own board of advisors: Trusted family members, friends, and coworkers.

Your extended network makes up the second tier. You should put effort into developing these connections. Make an effort to connect with people who aren't like you — they can provide vital insights.


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The Bottom Line

it's easy to put things off until tomorrow, but procrastination may be lethal when it comes to attaining your aspirations. Instead, take modest efforts toward huge goals, invest in your relationship with yourself, and create a strategic life plan to get back on track to success.


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Consider revisiting some of your previous times of self-doubt when you’re feeling more confident. When you’re in a good mood, write down your anxieties and then contrast them with positive affirmations. This will offer you something to lean on the next time you’re worried.


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This book is an empathetic handbook in realizing your dreams. It shares intimate, affecting anecdotes and sets out a step-by-step guide to overcoming your fears and achieving success.


This book helped me understand my own emotions and helped me improve my mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some of the ideas that I found particularly important.