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This book helped me understand my own emotions and helped me improve my mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some of the ideas that I found particularly important.

How to Do the Work

How to Do the Work

by Dr. Nicole LePera


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Notice emotions, thoughts, and other sensations (sounds, smells, temperature,... ) without judging them or pushing them away. Try to sense where and how you feel the emotions in your body.

Breathing deeply in through the nose, into the belly and slowly out through the mouth is a very convenient and powerful tool for relaxing your mind and body. Doing this whenever I feel stressed really helps me.

Being in nature can improve your mood. Just take a walk, or go for a bike ride, lay on the beach or in the park and notice little details that nature has. The sound of a bird, the texture of a leaf, the freshness of the air - notice these things and be grateful for the experience.

Take a look at the boundaries in your life. You don't always have to do things for other people. Prioritize your own health, time and needs. Saying 'no' is often the healthy response when you know that what is requested or expected of you would stress you out or drain your energy.

Be spontaneous and do things just for fun not because of what you gain by doing that or because something is the rational thing to do.

Try to sense what you really feel like doing in that moment and just do it.

A healthy body allows the mind to be healthy. Exercise, eat nutritous foods and get enough sleep.

Trauma often seems as this extreme experience that only people have to deal with that went through horrible events. However, there are more and less severe traumatic experiences. While it can be hard to acknowledge your own trauma it can be really helpful to understand why you mind is the way it ...

Fear is supposed to prevent you from getting hurt but sometimes fear is irrational and not helpful. When you understand what you are afraid of and why your are afraid of it the fear is not needed anymore. This gives your mind the opportunity to heal.

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Here is what I've learned from Helen Reiss, M.D. about the power of empathy.



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