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Is Motivation a myth?

Is Motivation a myth?


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Is Motivation a myth?

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Is Motivation A Myth?

Everyone on internet is just searching for one question How to stay motivated ? , and nobody has got the perfect answer till now. 

Motivation has been so fascinating and is overrated . From every news outlet to the videos available on YouTube you can find many people suggesting how to stay motivated.

Even i had a few posts on motivation so what is Motivation and is it really worthy? 


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Motivation is a feeling or an emotion that builds up a mindset to do something in life, it's a feeling of encouragement to break your comfort zone. 

Is motivation worthy ? The answer is quite mixed, maybe for some people and maybe not for some people. 

When it comes to motivation then you may have observed that motivation lasts for a few hours so it's hard to stay motivated throughout our whole life. 

Motivation plays a major role when you are preparing yourself for short goals like a race or controlling your nervousness before an interview. 


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See it's hard to achieve goals with depending all alone on motivation apart from that you have to acquire some skills. 

Here's what you have to acquire to make yourself more strong 


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Being disciplined makes you fully focused towards your work and if you manage yourself in acquiring this skill then no matter what situations you are in, success is guaranteed for you. 

Being disciplined makes you work when you are bored, feeling lazy or Lacking interest in your work. It could be hard for a beginner to work in such conditions but it is more effective than motivation. 


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Time is something that never stops for anyone, it doesn't matter who you are, it never stops for everyone. 

It is something that can give a great benefit if invested in the right work, time is considered to be the most precious thing even more than money.

So stop scrolling through social media and save your time, invest your time in something that can never make you feel regret. 


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Sometimes success takes too much time and we feel stressed and anxious of no results so stop being so impatience. 

Remember one thing, great things take time and building your career is an overnight game: just stay consistent and work for your dreams. 

Patience is the best thing to deal with stress don't be stressed in your current situations because the sun sets to rise again. 


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Discipline is incomplete without consistency and they coincide with each other. 

Discipline requires consistency and consistency requires discipline and success requires both things. 

What you have to do is work continuously, Be consistent because if something matters is how much you have tried for success and nothing else more than that. 

It's said that a continuous drop of water is enough to fill a whole river and I believe in the same thing. 


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Nothing can be achieved when you lack belief in yourself because a tree becomes strong with its roots and if you want to be as giant as a tree then your roots should be much stronger.

Believe in yourself, nothing matters what others say about you, ignore them and focus on yourself and find different reasons to make yourself better. 

Challenges are not challenges, the biggest challenge is to defeat yourself; the others will get defeated automatically. 


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Those are the few ways that can replace motivation. Lastly motivation is not a myth but depending on motivation is not enough to succeed in life. 

Combine your motivation with hard work, discipline, consistency and success will be yours. 


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To be honest with you, motivation can be a myth for some people. Learn what to do about it!


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