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8 short of rules for a better life, check this article and find out what suits you best 👇👇


8 Short of rules for a better life

8 Short of rules for a better life



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8 Short Of Rules For A Better Life

Life is all about how we deal with circumstances, how we act and react to the corresponding situations.

For a better life we need to work upon our skills and that seems not easy at all!

For a better life here are th...

Being calm in every situation is not as easy as we think, having a calm nature is the most rare thing that one can have.

Being calm in every situation makes you wise, mysterious helps you in making wise decisions, makes you more attractive among othe...

Second most important rule for a better life is not to compare yourself with others.

I often see many people on social media comparing their life with others.

Comparison is just an illusion ; everything lies within ...

Motivation can't lead you where discipline can, it's the biggest changing asset that can change your life.

Being disciplined can lead you a gr...

Everything has a price whether it's a material or a non material thing.

We work because we want results, we work because we want success, that's actually our main motto.

But this doesn't work every time, success com...

We all have been taught to just focus on success, how to achieve our goals, how to be rich but nobody has taught us about failures.

Failures are life lessons, failures indicate that we are trying. 

While working for...

Sometimes it's not between you and others it's between you and you.

Sometimes we have to make quick decisions during tough times. 

If you are in a situation where you can't decide what's the perfect option then list...

Better life comes when we urge to do better and that's the point where most of us fail. 

Personality development must be your priority. Develop yourself, come up with new skills, focus on your weakness and build new strength.

If you want to live a happy life then stay neutral whether you're happy or sad.

Being neutral helps you in dealing with situations as you can come up with new responses and can stay calm in tough times.

Everybody wants a better life but nobody wants to work for it.

Believe in yourself, improve yourself, develop new skills and you are ready.

That's all 

Good day:)

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