Steps to Leverage Your Dopamine System to Reach the Top 1% - Deepstash
Steps to Leverage Your Dopamine System to Reach the Top 1%

Steps to Leverage Your Dopamine System to Reach the Top 1%


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Steps to Leverage Your Dopamine System to Reach the Top 1%

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Leverage Your Dopamine System

Don’t be part of the 99% of people that don’t leverage their dopamine system to improve their lives.

Be part of the 1% that do. Here’s how.

Dopamine is the molecule of more — it makes you want to continue doing something. This is why it’s so powerful.

Keep doing something that will help you grow, and you will succeed.

Keep doing something that will prevent you from growing, and you will fail.


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Step 1: Limit Sources of Cheap Dopamine

When I say “cheap” here, I mean dopamine that’s easy to get and will do nothing to improve your life. You need to limit these sources of dopamine as much as possible.

If you’re sabotaging yourself chasing cheap hits, it’ll be physically impossible to use your dopamine productively.

Start small. Remove the smallest and easiest dopamine sources from your life. Things like notifications and TikTok. You’ll live without these. You can also remove:

  • Junk food
  • Video games
  • Drugs and alcohol


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Step 2: Use Your Dopamine Productively

Now that you’re building momentum, you need somewhere to use this dopamine. You need a project. This could be — A hobby — Your body — A business — Relationships


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Step 3: Leverage Your Dopamine

Now that you’re using your dopamine on something that will accelerate your growth, you can start intentionally tapping into this system to maximize the benefits. The best way to do this is by tracking your progress.

When you can see you’ve made progress (made money online, decreased your body fat, increased your max squat) you’ll get a hit of dopamine. This will motivate you to keep chasing this result. This makes things like exercising and eating well much easier.

Another way is to pursue your curiosities. Consume content related to your interests.


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  • Cheap dopamine hits are sabotaging your personal growth
  • Remove as many cheap sources as possible
  • Leverage your dopamine by tracking progress and pursuing your curiosities to build a better life for yourself


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