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How to start when you have no idea where to start

How to start when you have no idea where to start


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How to start when you have no idea where to start

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Your Tasks Have An ROI

Have a to-do list longer than you know what to do with, or where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Try giving your tasks an ROI value. ROI stands for return on investment.

Usually, we want the highest ROI possible; it is a measure of how well the sale of a product or service went compared to how much we invested in things like ads, free trainings/webinars, our time invested.


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The ROI Equation

ROI is a common calculation in sales, and is usually calculated by dividing the investment by the return.

Normally our ROI tells us how well a sale or promotion went for us. The higher the ROI means we made more per sale in relation to our costs for that product launch.

The ROI for tasks that we are about to talk about is a number (1–4) assigned to each item on our to-do list or brain dump. It is the value we will get out of a task (our return) based on the amount of effort (our investment) we put into getting the task complete.


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ROI On Your To-Do List

Not only does this method give us the MITs (Most Important Tasks) to work on first but it also can even eliminate things on our to-do lists because we see they are “1’s” and may end up deciding they are not worth the effort at all.  

Whenever you have a long to-do list and just don’t know where to start. This could also be something you use daily, or weekly during your planning sessions to give you an idea of the tasks that you should begin with to make your day the most productive it can be.


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