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Finding Hope in Hard Times

Finding Hope in Hard Times


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Finding Hope in Hard Times

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Acknowledge hopelessness

Naming hopelessness is the first step to our well-being. "I am lost." Saying how you feel connects you with your narrative instead of the jumble of despair and judgments about feeling despair.

Where do we find hope? In essence, it is within us and between us. When we share our hope with others, we give them hope, and they provide us with hope.


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  • Honour your feelings of hopelessness without being consumed by them. Don't deny uncomfortable emotion, but welcome it like a guest, not a permanent resident in your mind.
  • Remember that compassion for ourselves isn't often our first instinct.
  • No judgment. Your feelings are expected and not a sign of failure or weakness.
  • Humble goals. No act of hope is too small.
  • Find little pivot activities, be it watering the plants, or listening to music.
  • Hope without proof. Hope is moving forward in life and oneself without the certificate guaranteeing "x will happen." 


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