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Relatively or Absolutely?

How can something be absolute, in the case that relatively is only a point of view, and state of being is absolute?


fluorescent light patterns that tend to be contrasting can cause photosensitive epilepsy, while for some people, fluorescent light creates a festive mood that doesn’t cause any disturbing symptoms.


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This is relative, where a situation has a good impact or it can also have a bad impact, so it is not absolutely true?

  • So, the luminescence pattern brings good (joy)?
  • So, the luminescence pattern brings badness? ️

Which one is correct? Relatively? Or not!


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The pattern of luminescence has a negative impact on certain people in certain circumstances which are very different from other people’s circumstances. This is absolute!

When it is said that the pattern of luminescence has a different impact, it does not have a bad effect, it has a good effect on the others, this does not indicate a relative symptom of truth. Stay consistent - absolute.


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The cause and effect remain consistent, but commonly known for the same cause with different results. But actually, the same cause gives the same effect. Why? Again, due to the weakness (narrowly, inaccurate perception of) our point of view.

Supposely our observations were accurate, then different effects (some had epilepsy, some didn’t) actually came from different cause.


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Indeed we saw the same cause (the pattern of luminescence), but actually there were other things as the hidden (unknown) causes gave tangible effect, so that the results will be different.

  • the 1st person who pokes the ball from a certain direction, then a ball will bounce in a certain direction,
  • but why the 2nd person who pokes the ball from the same direction as the 1st player will bounce the ball in a different direction?


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If this bouncing ball was repeated many times in the same direction, absolutely the ball will bounce the same direction, it couldn’t be different! Then where is the relatively? It’s because, we couldn’t see the detail accurately, so we didn’t understand that there were other situations from different 1st & 2nd people that affect the way we hitted the ball at the same direction, so the results were different.


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But even my circumstances changing and won’t be the same from time to time, so indeed two effects are never found to be the same so it is also true that no equal effect comes from different causes.


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If the 1st person & 2nd person have perfect equality of conditions, then the result of the reflection will be at the same direction

Logically, it can be assumed that if the 1st & 2nd person are perfectly identical, then it’s just the same pointing to one of both and the result will absolutely be the same.

A simple example: when I did this, the result would be the same, when you did it, the result will be different. However, when your work was done by me, yes, of course, that was the result that characterizes me.


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