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Consumers support ethical brands

Consumers support ethical brands

There is a growing emphasis on social responsibility.

Several recent studies found that consumers are less likely to buy from brands they believe are unethical and more likely to consider organisational values in their purchasing decisions.


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Ethics is about making integrity-based decisions

Ethics is about making integrity-based decisions

Organisations that establish a code of conduct but don't provide ethics training are unlikely to see much behavioural change.

Advantages of ethics training for employees:

  • Trust and enhanced teamwork among employees  
  • A stronger, organization-wide sense of responsibility for dealing fairly with customers, suppliers, and service providers 
  • A positive organizational culture with enhanced employee morale
  • Loyalty from consumers who value and reward ethical business practices
  • A better brand reputation and the avoidance of costly scandals or litigation 


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Unethical behaviour has a financial impacts

  • Unethical behaviour can have a real financial impact on an organisation. More than half of the largest corporate bankruptcies were the result of unethical business practices.
  • Having a reputation of unethical business practices can hinder an organisation to attract and retain talent.
  • 82% of professionals say they'd take a lower-paying job to work for an organization with more ethical business practices.


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Developing ethics training for employees

Organizational ethics involves making individual and group decisions within the boundaries of organizational values and guidelines.

Ethics training typically covers the following topics:

  • The organization’s code of conduct and cultural values
  • Common ethical dilemmas
  • The ethics of customer relations
  • Diversity training topics
  • Data privacy and protection 
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Ethical employment practices


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Ethics training best practices

Ethics training best practices

Ethics must first be fostered by leaders. Ethics training can help leaders become more open-minded and receptive to employees' concerns. It can train them to:

  • Lead in a way that shows trust and models accountability
  • Foster a culture of integrity and ethical conduct
  • Communicate the company's values
  • Notice the signs of a toxic workplace, such as bullying and harassment  


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