‘A One-Hour Layover Is Not Enough Anymore’: A Flight Attendant’s Tips on Surviving Travel Now - Deepstash
‘A One-Hour Layover Is Not Enough Anymore’: A Flight Attendant’s Tips on Surviving Travel Now

‘A One-Hour Layover Is Not Enough Anymore’: A Flight Attendant’s Tips on Surviving Travel Now

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Taking the stress out of travel

Taking the stress out of travel

The pandemic has changed flying more than any other event. In the initial days of the pandemic, the airlines tried to save as much money as possible, allowing for early retirements and furloughing many employees. Now there is an employee shortage. As a result, airlines are short-staffed and overworked.

Flights crews have time limits on how long they can work, generally  12 - 16 hours at a stretch. There aren't many backup crews, so your flight may be cancelled. However, you can take much of the stress out of travel by planning ahead and being prepared.


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Go early

If you are going on a cruise, leave the day before incase a connecting flight is cancelled. Count the extra day as part of your vacation. 

Wake up slowly, have some coffee and pancakes, and leisurely head to your boat. The extra money is worth the peace of mind.


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Booking flights

Booking flights

  • Always fly direct. You won't need to worry about making your next flight. If you can't avoid connecting, allow for at least three hours to avoid the stress of possibly missing your flight.
  • Fly as early in the day as possible. The first flights of the day are rarely cancelled. If it is cancelled, there will be more options to rebook a different flight.
  • Download the app of the airline you are flying. These apps share valuable information such as your incoming plane and when a flight is cancelled. It will guide you in rebooking a new flight if needed.


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What to bring

  • Pack smart. Don’t hold up boarding because you can’t figure out how to make your bursting bag fit in the overhead.
  • Bring a sweater. Aeroplanes are often kept cold intentionally for people who struggle with airsickness.
  • Bring patience. Be nice to the flight attendants and fellow passengers. 


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Traveling can make you smarter, more creative and improve your problem-solving abilities.

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