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Most people are paralyzed by fear.

But elite performers aren't.

Here's how to overcome your fear like the best in the world:


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• Every successful person feels fear

Start by realizing everyone faces fear.

It may seem like some are “fearless.”

They’ve just learned to move through it.

No successful person is immune from fear.

And nothing great is possible without it.

Remember this.


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Most fear exists in the future.

You worry, and it gets worse.

The solution: stay present.

Be where your feet are.

Focus on what you see.

Stop worrying and act.

The fear will fade.


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On the surface, fear looks daunting.

Crack the facade + you see its shallowness. 

Reality is rarely worse than our imagination.

Our minds build up obstacles + enemies.

Fear wants us to feel overwhelmed.

See it for the illusion it is.


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There’s a popular acronym: F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Our mind and emotions trick us.

They make us think feelings = truth.

Logic is the remedy. Ask:

What are the facts?

What’s the worst case?

Calm, rational logic defeats fear.


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The SEALs have a saying: “full benefit.”

Things that suck make you better.

Hiking + it pours rain? Full benefit.

Writing + lose a draft? Full benefit.

Driving + tire goes flat? Full benefit.

Fear provides the same opportunity.

Welcome it.


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Fear is often rooted in what others think.

We use that as an excuse not to do.

But every great triumph carried risk.

Every one had people casting doubt.

Where would we be if the greats let this stop them?

Release your fear of judgment.


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Feeling scared is out of your control.

Living in a state of fear is fully within it.

Temporary scares come and go in life.

But don’t accept fear as a way of life.

You have the power to choose:

Will I move forward through this?


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All growth is a leap into the unknown.

No one can tell you how to do it.

No one can tell you if it will work.

If they could, it wouldn’t be scary.

If it wasn’t scary, everyone would do it.

Fear is an opportunity.

Embrace the growth within it.


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If you’re not willing to leap, you’ll never do anything worthwhile in life.

Fear is the great separator. 

You remember those who faced it.

You’ve never heard of those who didn’t.


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Most people see fear as a red light.

They stop and wait until it’s safe.

Reframe your mind to see green.

The fear you feel is a signal.

You’re doing something meaningful.



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Preparation defeats fear.

Visual it, feel it, anticipate it, explore it.

The vagueness of fear is what’s scary.

When we prepare, its power crumbles.

Fear is a thief in the night.

Run from it, and it’s emboldened.

Anticipate it, and its grip loosens.


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Facing fear is a muscle like anything else.

The more we do it, the easier it becomes.

Don’t wait for fear to come. Go find it.

Accept this will be hard. Do it anyway.

Hard things deter cowards and strengthen the courageous.

This is how you train for life.


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