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Leave the frosting. Take the cake.

Leave the frosting. Take the cake.


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Leave the frosting. Take the cake.

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Cake vs. Frosting

If you are a business that makes or sells products, it is important to be able to tell the difference between the cake (the product's core features) and the frosting (the product's extra features). The cake is like the foundation of a building - it might not look very pretty, but it is what makes the product work.


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Using Tap as an Analogy

A tap is a household item that delivers water. It can be a simple, old tap, or a more elaborate tap with special features. The important thing is that it delivers water to your hands.

There are all sorts of different taps, like bronze, gold-plated, copper, marble, and tap with motion sensors. But, at the end of the day, they are all just taps that deliver water.

  • A tap delivers water. That’s cake.
  • A tap may look like a work of art. That’s frosting.
  • The tap is still a tap without the frosting.
  • The tap is no longer a tap without the cake.


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Product Management Using the Analogy of Cake

Building a product can be exciting and fun. Sometimes, people get excited about the frosting (or the features) instead of the cake (or the main goal of the product). This can be dangerous because the frosting might not be the most important thing.


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Frosting Sells

Some people focus too much on making frosting that looks good, instead of making a cake that tastes good. This is also true for investment pitches and sales pitches. People can be easily distracted by the beauty of a pitch deck or website, without realizing that the engineering might not be good.


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Demand the Cake, Not Frosting

The fancier the frosting, ask more about the quality of the cake.

  • “What’s cake, and what’s frosting here?”
  • “Let’s see the plumbing instead of the PowerPoint.”
  • “I don’t care how great it looks. Tell me how it works.”
  • “Forget the frosting, show me how good the cake is.”

You might buy a cake for the first time because of the frosting. But, you’ll buy it again because of the cake.


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