What is telehealth? How technology is improving the future of medicine - Deepstash
What is telehealth? How technology is improving the future of medicine

What is telehealth? How technology is improving the future of medicine

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Medical services are always going to be at high demand, no matter the area or the circumstances. One way to ensure that people have faster access to medical services, especially in times of crisis, is by using the telehealth, which can be defined as the remote access of health care services by means of telecommunications technology.

One of the health care services provided is the telemedicine or the fact of being able to have a virtual check with your doctor.


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Telehealth services

Among the most known telehealth services:

  • patient portal: you have the possibility to keep track of your health record while being able to communicate securely with your
  • virtual doctor appointments: extremely useful for persons who do not need an in-person physical examination
  • store and forward: this kind of service enables the electronic transmission of medical documents
  • remote patient monitoring: it allows your doctor to monitor your health from the comfort of your home by using wearable devices
  • mobile health: through mobile health applications, you can keep better track of your health.


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Telehealth and its benefits

Among the benefits of the telehealth:

  • better access to medical care: especially for individuals with mobility issues or living far from a doctor
  • improves care quality
  • reduces care cost: you do not need to travel anymore
  • increases patient's satisfaction: especially by saving time.


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Telepharmacy refers to the delivery of pharmacy services to the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, there are medications that do not even need a prescription, making it even easier to order and get them by using telepharmacy.


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Telehealth and its limitations

The biggest limitation that telehealth implies refers to the fact that for certain conditions, it is absolutely necessary that the individuals go for a face-to-face check to the doctor.

However, if your care provider and insurer offer you the possibility of telehealth, it is worth taking a chance with it.


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