How To Get More Clients in 2023 (Beginner and Experienced Designers) - Deepstash
How To Get More  Clients in 2023 (Beginner and Experienced Designers)

How To Get More Clients in 2023 (Beginner and Experienced Designers)

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1. Always Make The Work you Want to do

It is super important to create new projects that showcase the kind of work that you want to get hired for.

Clients want to be sure that you can accomplish whatever skill you say you can do effectively and do it for thier business as well.

You can create fake work to showcase your skills, if you don't already have any clients.


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2. Don't Worry About Pricing Correctly

The First couple projects that you are ever going to do are probaly going to be super cheap and you are not going to get paid well.

Focus on understanding what the relationship of a client actually looks like.

You can figure out what work you like to do, and how to communicate effectively with your clients.

The Very first few projects are about learning


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3. Getting Clients is about networking

Your Network will get you the first few projects that you will ever do and that is without a doubt.

Talk to anyone you may know who may need the service that you offer. You would be suprised how much people talk about the business that is going on in thier life. 

As the famous quote says "You miss 100% of the shots you dont take" So might as well ask your friends and family if they need help with your side hustle service.


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4. Portfolios are important

Portfolios are very important wether you are doing design work, SEO work or copywriting, you are judged by the work and the website your work is placed on.

Showcase why the project matters in the first-place

Building a portfolio website can be a challenging task, and it's common to feel stuck. As someone who specializes in website design and development, I would be happy to assist you for a very affordable price. To find out more, please click on the following link.


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