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Relationship between Motivation and Emotional intelligence.

Relationship between Motivation and Emotional intelligence.

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What Is Motivation

What Is Motivation

Motivation is what modern life is all about. Whether you want to be more efficient, work better, or become successful in life, being motivated is key. This makes motivation a quality you should cultivate, and something that emotional intelligence influences in more ways than one.


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What Is Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or EI is a term coined in 1990 when John Mayer and Peter Salovey defined this phenomenon and soon developed over time. The two researchers discovered that the ability to understand and sympathize with other people significantly affects how a person functions in society. It is because emotional intelligence allows communication that can affect good relationships with other society members.


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EI is different from intelligence quotient or IQ.

EI is different from intelligence quotient or IQ.

Many employers claim they wouldn’t hire talents with low EI even if they have a high IQ. Most of them also consider emotional intelligence as a primary factor in career development.

To put it simply, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize feelings to motivate and manage the emotions they have towards themselves and other people around them.


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Key Elements of Emotional Intelligence

Key Elements of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is made up of several components, which include the following:

Empathy or the ability to notice and recognize other people’s needs and feelings. This also refers to the broadest sense of sensitivity.

Motivation or striving for or getting involved with a set of goals

Self-esteem or self-awareness or belief in a person’s abilities

Self-regulation which involves controlling a person’s emotions

Social skills such as skills that allow people to function properly even in social situations and allow them to communicate accordingly


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The Connection between Motivation and Emotional Intelligence

The Connection between Motivation and Emotional Intelligence

At first glance, it is easy to tell that developing the above elements can effectively help you boost your motivation levels. You may even associate it with people who lead their lives similar to American movies, whether it’s from a closed circle or social media.

These people can find time for almost everything, including pleasure, self-development, career, and family to the point that you might even find yourself wondering if something is wrong with you or if they just have supernatural powers. Well, none of these two is correct.


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For all you know, these people just happen to have developed a high level of motivation and emotional intelligence. This is what helps them set and attain their goals faster, making them more successful. EI can also improve interpersonal communication and affect work performance, leadership, and an overall sense of satisfaction and happiness in life.

For most people, the pursuit of motivation may lead to stress, making them analyze every move that sets them apart from expected outcomes.


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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

You don’t just develop emotional intelligence overnight. If you want to boost your motivation, you need to learn first how to organize your emotions and thoughts and learn to control and distinguish them. Don’t feel bad if you don’t increase your motivation right away. Remember that it is not a one-time thing so continue to do what you should do and you’ll see the best results in no time.


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